Out Of The Darkness

And the temples shone, and lit up

the earth...


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And shine they do.

After  countless centuries, neglected and ruined, you can but stand in awe of such magnificence.

The vision of the Pharaoh's, not to mention the imagination and skill of the builders, all came to one, and creation took place the likes of which has never been equalled.

(In my view.)


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Is it any wonder that Egypt has captured the imagination of countless thousands, millions over the centuries. Non more so today with all our split second communications. Gone are the days when you had to be content with old dusty snap-shots. Now you just have to turn on the TV, or connect to the internet to travel those virtual worlds in search of something special. Mystical.




Beyond this page are the archive photo's. Black and white or tinted, yet still impressive. Without fancy camera's, the splendour is still caught on film for all to see....

Choose Your Anhk!

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