Ancient Mayor Found.

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After centuries of mystery, the tomb of one of Egypt's most celebrated figures has been found in the Valley of the Golden Mummies.

The remains of Gad Khensu Eyuf Ankh- an influential Mayor who saw himself as a Pharaoh's equal - were found inside two immense sarcophagi.

The discovery by Egyptian archaeologists was in the oasis village of Bawiti in the Western Desert. Though remote, the region became known as the  Valley of the Golden Mummies after last years spectacular discovery of a sprawling buriel ground thought to contain as many as 10,000 bodies, some in gold mask's.

Experts in the 1940's were convinced that the Mayor's tomb, dating from about 570BC, lay there but homes were built on the site, keeping his tombs hidden for another half century.

Excavation began only in March when impoverished villagers were compensated with new lad.

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