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In  the beginning there was Atum, depicted as the sun who rose from the ocean. Atum then created Shu who was the God of the air, and Tefnut the Goddess of humidity.

  Shu separated heaven and earth, creating the sky Goddess Nut and the earth God Geb.

Nut and Geb had 2 sons, Osiris and Seth, and 2 daughters, Isis and Nephthys.

Osiris was the first Pharaoh, who with Isis, ruled over a kingdom full of peace and wisdom.

He taught human kind everything they needed in their life. the art of cultivating the land, building cities, making bread. He gave them laws and ethics so they would be able to distinguish between good and evil. But the jealous Seth wanted to seize his brother Osiris's throne for himself and so murdered him. Dismembering his body and scattering the pieces in the Nile. But Isis would have non of Seth's advances and refused to submit to him.

Searching far and wide, Isis managed to retrieve all the remnants of her dead husband, and with the help of Anubis, who was the first embalmer, put all the pieces of Osiris back together again. Isis then transformed herself into a falcon and was impregnated by Osiris. from that union Horus was born.

When he became an adult, having been raised in the swamps of the Nile delta, the young God set about avenging his father and regaining his heritage.

Horus challenged Seth to a duel. Defeating him, Horus ruled the earth.

The resurrected Osiris withdrew to the shadows to rule the Kingdom of the Dead.


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