If like me your fascinated by the mystery and splendor of Egypt, then sit back and let me share some of my favorite images that I've collected over the years.


I guess the first time I saw anything about Egypt, other than hearing it at school, was sat in awe in front of the television watching Boris Karloff in a re-run of The Mummy.

I wasn't scared, just fascinated.

If anyone could be transported back to another time, then that person was me. Literally glued to that television set I hung on every word. From the moment Karris emerged from his Sarcophagus, and took back the scroll of Thoth that rightfully belonged to him from that wimp of an actor who had more wood in him than the box the scroll came in. To the final moments when Karris failed in his attempts to reincarnate Anks-u-nahman. Thwarted in his attempts by another plank of wood on legs, David Manners. 

I hated them for stopping the Mummy from achieving his goal.

I couldn't get over the  pageantry and  splendor. The power. I had never seen Temples like those before, or ceremonies about the afterlife with all those strange Gods and Deities. School had never mentioned them! Why?

At school the next day I was very disappointed to find very little in the way of anything but general information on Egypt, and even got a slap for wanting to know more about the ancient Gods and Mummies! What a great way to develop a young mind !

So, come with me now, and lets travel back in time together...and I promise you wont get a slap if you ask questions afterwards!!



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